Cheilolejeunea ulugurica Malombe, Eb.Fisch. & Pócs is a new species affiliated to subg. Cheilolejeunea. One of its closest relatives seems to be Cheilolejeunea chenii from Asia. It is described from the Uluguru Mountains, members of the crystalline Eastern Arc of Tanzania, notorious for its richness in endemic species.

The study of certain Lejeuneaceae types from the Geneva Herbarium (Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de la Ville de Genčve, G) resulted in the new synonymy of Drepanolejeunea cambouena Steph. with Drepanolejeunea pentadactyla (Mont.) Steph., that of Lejeunea rodriguezii (Steph.) Steph. with Lejeunea anisophylla Mont. and proved the independent identity of Lejeunea jungneri (Steph.) Steph. Types of some rare species, as Lejeunea angulifolia Mitt. and Lejeunea julacea Steph. were also examined and illustrated. Drepanolejeunea dactylophora (Nees et al.) Schiffn. is new to Africa and L. angulifolia for the Chagos Archipelago and to the Seychelles.

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